Tuesday 17 April 2012

From California to Calgary

and snow in both places - say what?

I am never very excited to leave California.
Really - who enjoys flying AWAY from sunshine, beaches, the world's best burrito and the Golden Gate?

This time though, I finally got what I had always wished for.  That's right, bumped from my overbooked flight! Yes, I was thrilled about this.  Sitting in the departure lounge, wearing my Calgary-bound cowgal hat, I had been silently wishing for this to happen.  I'd been supplicating the universe with, 'If you bump me off this flight, I promise I will meditate daily, practice better communication and not eat this chocolate croissant.' Well...the universe delivered!  So henceforth, I will be meditating daily.  I think I would have hidden somewhere to eat my chocolate croissant (it didn't really happen if nobody saw it, right?) but in my excitement, I forgot it under the seat.  In return for my hasty promises, I got a free hotel room, meal vouchers, coupons towards future flights and best of all, a bonus extension to my sunshine vacation!

Life could hardly get better, unless maybe I were to get picked up at the airport by the hippest 2 year old north of L.A. and his stunning mama, greeted with a sunny love letter in my car and take a trip straight to the Canadian Rocky mountains for heart-melting hugs, home-made strawberrry lemon kombucha tea and a sunset run.

With that kind of reception, I'll do California to Calgary anytime.