Thursday 25 June 2015

Just the Essentials

I'm no Martha Stewart.

But I did date a guy whose main claim to fame is that his mom is named Martha Stewart.  No relation.  But apparently she's also a good cook.

And my sister is named Martha.

So this gives me license to comment on cleaning house.

And comment I will!

Because, good people, sweet followers and random strangers who have stumbled across my blog (welcome! come back soon now, y'hear? and tell all your friends!? Thanks.) - what was I saying?  Oh right, because:

I hate cleaning my house.  Here's why:

1. I'd rather be outside.

2. And the chemicals conventionally in use freak me right out.

So I have tended to avoid the dangerous activity altogether.

Maybe it's my over-sensitive sniffer, maybe it's years of working in the environmental industry or maybe it's the regular updates I read from the Environmental Working Group, but I simply refuse to take my life into my own hands for the sake of a 'clean' house.  At least, it's been a great excuse for years.

Anyway, now that I find myself in my mid-thirties, not only have my hormones begun to balance out (thank God!) and my neck begun to sprout long hairs overnight (help me God!) I seem to care a little bit more than I did before about having a clean house.

And I don't want to die in the process.

So here's the solution - for a long time I looked to Green Calgary to guide me in terms of what I needed to know about household cleaners.  I found a favourite brand that I could pick up at the Calgary Farmers Market.  Great.  Then I learned to make my own.  Awesome.  And now, best of all,  I've discovered the magic BLUE BOTTLE!  

It's a love affair.  I've named him 'Little Blue'

Now it's all so easy.  The bottle tells me exactly what I need to do.  It has all the ingredients and amounts easily drawn onto the side.  Oh, and it's basically free - I simply use ingredients that I have in my kitchen (which means it's safe, praise be! and besides, it's the only time I do use ingredients from my kitchen.  See above re: not being Martha Stewart).  Little Blue just nestles nicely under my bathroom sink until three months later when I'm ready to clean again - what more could a girl ask for?

(Yes, I did say three months later.  That's an appropriate cleaning schedule, isn't it?  Come on!  A girl can only change so much - I mean, this actually causes me PAIN.  Don't  you believe me?  See: 2 Days in Purge-atory)

The product just went live on Amazon and Etsy - and I love it.

Check it out - Cleaning Essentials.  My new favourite.
p.s. now's your chance to win a free bottle - get on it good people!