Sunday 30 September 2012

A rainy day in Cusco

I have landed in Cusco during Peru's 'primavera' or springtime, which means that it's raining here a little bit every day.  I have finally decided to take advantage of this liquid sunshine to post a few recent misadventures!

Today I'll comment on:
1. Being invited to a Peruvian wedding on my 3rd day here and
2. The very strange sign on the bike in my bedroom

On the topic of #1:  When I arrived, I had to haul my very overweight bags (stuffed completely with granola bars and dark chocolate) three blocks to our Cusco apartment.  The taxi stopped short of our home because our street is currently under construction.  Fortunately, a kind construction worker took pity on me and carried my bags in his muddy wheelbarrow to our apartment door.  As I made this trek, I saw a familiar face under a construction helmet.  I thought to myself, 'I am SURE that's Benito'....But after four years away, I didn't want to approach a stranger in the street.  (If I'm being honest,  I also feared being accused as one of those North Americans who just think people from other places all look the same).  So I didn't say hola.  Two days later, after seeing him every day, I finally just launched myself upon him in a friendly hug.  Sure enough, it was Benito, the night guard from the hostel I used to stay in whilst in Cusco!  We were thrilled to reconnect, and he immediately invited me to his wedding, taking place the following Saturday.  Unfortunately, I'll be away trekking and cannot attend, but what an honour!  The moral here:  Never be too shy to approach somebody in the street...they may just have a wedding invite up their sleeve for you! 

The photo above relates to Topic #2 - a bike found in my bedroom, bearing this note.  I noticed it before going to sleep on my second night here.  Upon awakening, I dug deeper to get more details.  Apparently a donkey spooked and crossed the path of an unsuspecting bike rider.  The cyclist quite literally rear-ended the donkey.  The moral of this piece:  You never know when you may unwittingly hit an ass in the ass...

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  1. Love these lessons and the image of you with all those grnaolo bars and wet wipes.

    From this day forward I will be sure to say hello to people in the street and to watch out fo ass' asses!!