Tuesday 25 February 2014

1st Stop, Hamilton

Heather HEARTS Hamilton!

I heart Hamilton.

Not to be confused with Hamilton, Ontario - the land of my relatives (which I also, incidentally, heart).  It is home to the Royal Botanical Gardens - I'm a huge fan.  That Hamilton is edgy, shockingly rich culturally and fringed by the beauty of the Niagara Escarpment.

This Hamilton may be one of the friendliest, most low-key, yet majestic places I've been.  The gas station attendant felt like my new best friend.  My hotel had a log bed and a balcony gazing out on snow-covered mountains.  As many people live in the entire State of Montana as in my current city of Calgary, Alberta.  People are doing great things - like B.E.A.R. - getting youth outdoors and inspiring them to greatness through wilderness and supportive mentors.  It was my first stop on this year's Radical Reels tour  and what a way to kick things off!  I would guess that half of the audience were too young too drive a tractor, and already busy getting rad in their spare time.  Those at the other end of the spectrum seem to have moved here by choice to keep living the life of their dreams.

Oh yeah, and then there was also that other Hamilton...the time years ago that I applied to the, 'Best Job in The World'.  It was to live on a beach, blog and become the honorary caretaker of Hamilton Island, Australia.  I wasn't chosen.  Their loss.  I still seem to have landed a few of the best jobs in the world....one of which recently landed me in this Hamilton.

So here's to Hamilton - all of them!

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