Monday 21 September 2015

What makes it a "journey"?

I'll tell you.

It's things like this:

Falling in love with a group of people in a magical place.

Getting to know them fast.  Learning what their laughter sounds like.  Letting them see you cry.

Sunrise on The Colorado at Lee's Ferry

We set out from Lee's Ferry under a new moon, celebrated by the Perseid meteor shower.  (You know that if you share a shooting star with someone you'll be friends for life?)  I shared my stars with fifteen new lifelong friends that first night.

At Redwall cavern, jumping for joy! 

Every single day on that river was amazing. 


And it was a journey alright.  I hear that pictures are worth a thousand words.  So to tell the story,  I'll share some photos for now and write a thousand words later.

Come, let's dive in - this is what a journey looks like:

Taking it all in.

Paddling our hearts out.

Making meals together.

Loving Charlotte and Jim.


And having to leave them behind.

Taking time to listen.


Regaining perspective.


Healing each other.

 And saying goodbye too soon.


Shining our lights.

Playing with child-like abandon.

Laughing every day.

Taking time out at the 'groover' - our loo with a view. 


Making music.


And enjoying the quiet moments.

We finished at Diamond Creek 16 days later with our hearts and the moon full.

Reflecting on the Grand Canyon. 

It was perfect.

It was magic.

It was like being in love.

I'll never be the same again. 

And that's what made it a journey.

Gratitude for these beautiful photos to the following members of the canyon crew:  Adam Lindenburger, Gerrit McGowan, Kaeli Benoit, Joanne McGrew, Joseph Daniel & Sarah Brown.


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    1. Thank you Margaret -
      Means the world that you keep following me...
      Keep on writing!

  2. Beautiful Heather. A trip to carry with you to make your day to day richer. Xo

  3. I just stumbled upon your blog. Your words are so beautiful and inspiring (and your photos too).

  4. I just stumbled upon your blog. Your words are so beautiful and inspiring (and your photos too).

  5. Thanks Tara - so wonderful to hear your feedback - thanks for reading!

  6. Your trip looks like so much fun!! wonderful photos.

  7. Thanks Suzy! It's a magical place!