Tuesday 24 January 2012

one of those days...

it has been two of those days.

the kind of days when you're just so sad that you HAVE to buy one of those frothy expensive drinks with a prename, a middle name and a surname, accompanied also by a suffix and a prefix.

and then you`re just so jittery and discombobulated that your hand jerks and projects the aforementioned froth over the very attractive barista who's clearly been hired for the way his hair looks unwashed and yet so very cool at the same time.

you stare, appalled at what you've done to mar this beautiful specimen, yet are somehow resigned, recognizing this as yet another part of this VERY BAD DAY.

deep breath.

you're simply left standing with half of your seven dollar drink as the rest of the creamy liquid slowly foams its way through the hipster`s mullet and drips onto his raised collar.  he's very kind about the whole incident, perhaps even smiling and winking one of those dark, poetic eyes, which quite frankly people, makes the whole thing a whole lot worse.  (at least when somebody yells or causes a scene, you can pretend that they deserved this, or better yet, blame them in some way for your involuntary hand spasm).

that was a five minute clip from yesterday.  i moved through much of the day in this same shroud of deep, dark uncoolness.  i think i finally emerged when at the end of the day i spent hours in a near-meditative state at my magical new pottery class.  (clearly, being muddy comes naturally to me. it's likely how i earned the nickname 'dirty girl' in university.  MOM! that really IS why they all called me that!!)

here's to sleep and to better days!
(though i have to say, sometimes the VERY BAD DAYS do provide more fodder for one's self-obsessed blog....)

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