Sunday 22 January 2012

she had dumps like a truck...

truck, truck...thighs like what, what, what?

WHAT??!! my thighs are protesting...

...aching! the's so deep!

skiing this deep snow, this it comes again, 'dumps like a truck, truck, truck...'

this chorus ran through my mind (and to the dismay of my companions, out of my mouth) all day yesterday as i enjoyed one of the largest snow dumps Fernie has seen in a 5-day period this side of 1983.

Thong Song by mizz_reality

nearly every ski fanatic in the Canadian west made their way to the quaint mountain town to experience the truck-like dump for themselves.

Jan 20, 2012 - everyone making their way to Fernie!

it was in a word, epic.  but of course, a video is worth a million words...

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